The Gentleman and the Racer

Filmmaker Andy Ryan Flores

Photography Devin Christopher

Words Suneal Nandigam


Zweite Entwicklung. An homage to the tongue of the car’s original creators, you may find it in stencil and spray painted on a rubber front lip, representing the car’s ‘Second Development’ or rebirth. From something that was never ordinary -- the Porsche 911 -- to something truly distinctive.


RWB cars have grown wide in both appeal and opinion over recent years, but while the cars come into their next forms, the individuality each creation represents remains undeniable. Nakai-san’s unique craftsmanship has formed a worldwide family of owners and enthusiasts, tied together by the common bond of distinctively modified aircooled Porsche 911s.


Any worthwhile project requires a concept. Two cars were commissioned, by two different owners -- each tasteful, yet vastly different from one other.


The Racer: Senna. More circuit, less cafe, this 993 was built to compete as a club racer and it now on its third rebirth as an RWB 993. It began life as a road car to be soon converted into a highly-developed Puerto Rican racer, complete with proper motorsport Moton 3-way adjustable shocks, Motec M48 engine management, and a 993 Cup-style rollcage--now wrapped in red italian leather and surrounding a pair of Recaro Red Jersey and Suede Pole Position Seats.


The complementing wheels were a simple choice, with only one option in mind: fifteen52 x Magnus Walker Outlaw 001,  configured in three piece with hidden hardware for the application. 18 inches in diameter, finished with matte gold centers and gloss gold lips, harkening the John Player Special livery made famous by the car’s namesake, Ayrton Senna.  


The Genteman’s RWB: Jaime. Make no mistake--the backdated 964 appears vintage yet dapper with its Peru Red exterior also accented with 52outlaw wheels, finished in matte bronze and black. But it is still a hot rod at soul -- with a 3.8 liter engine by way of Mahle Motorsport pistons and cylinders, Carrillo RSR connecting rods, and tuning by Steve Wong. A Gentleman should be well-articulated and quiet unless provoked, so sound was an important factor. The combination of FVD headers and a custom-fabricated setup 997 GT3 center muffler setup provided the perfect voice, sitting between aircooled hot rod and Cup Car.


The interior is as retro-luxurious as a German hot rod can get. After studying a number of color swatches, stitches, fabric inserts and layouts, the combination of tobacco brown and terracotta were chosen with tri-color houndstooth accents. The 911S-style sport seats, dash, doortops, console, shifter, handbrake, and Momo Prototipo wheel were swathed in tobacco and terracotta leather, with floor carpet to match. The RS door panels were stitched in a pattern mimicking the original door cards, with houndstooth storage pouches sewn in.


For both the Gentleman and the Racer, no choices were made independently of one another -- the cars, their performance components, design, and finishes were chosen to work in harmony with Nakai-san’s Rough World concept. But more than everything, they reflect individuality. Every aspect of the car shines in its own light: from the RWB kit itself, to the motors and suspensions. The evocative sounds, tailored interiors, and wheels. No single facet outshines the rest--and the sum of all parts together is somehow greater than expected.