Zach Schleinmiami

Magnus Walker Attends Fourth Annual DRT in Miami

Zach Schleinmiami
Magnus Walker Attends Fourth Annual DRT in Miami

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Magnus Walker just wrapped up one of the largest drives of his life. Having already enjoyed a fruitful year that added “published author” to his resume, the celebrated fashion designer and Porsche enthusiast spent the waning days of 2017 winding through South America as part of the Porsche Cayenne Expedition. It was an 18,855-kilometer-long trip that took Walker from Argentina to Mexico City, with several of his favorite drives cropping up along the way.


“A week ago I was in Mexico finishing up the Porsche Cayenne Expedition,” Walker shares. “So just before Christmas I drove past one of my all-time top five favorite drives in the Cayenne as part of the expedition from Bogota to Medellin... And that was just an epic drive. I mean the road from Bogota to Medellin goes up and over the mountain; it’s a little treacherous, it’s a little hairball.”


After concluding the expedition with a drive from Veracruz to Mexico City, Walker is ready to properly begin the year with an appearance at Miami’s 2018 edition of DRT, the largest gathering of Porsche enthusiasts on the eastern seaboard. Noting that this year’s DRT is effectively kicking off Porsche’s 70th anniversary celebrations, Walker is excited about returning to a city and gathering the share in his enthusiasm for the beloved German sports car manufacturer. 


“What I like about DRT is the diversity, it’s all-inclusive, it’s not elitist. All are welcome, air-cooled and water-cooled,” Walker notes. “For me, that’s the greatest thing about the DRT- the diversity of people, and the diversity of cars makes it a pretty unique, special event.”


Besides the allure of the event itself, Walker himself harbors a fascination with Miami, regarding it as a “sensory city” with a good look and even greater vibe. Additionally, because Florida has long been Porsche’s largest market in the U.S., DRT presents a unique opportunity for Walker and other Porsche devotees to take a glimpse at cars that rarely leave the garage or showroom. 


“What I love about Miami -- and what surprises me about Miami – is… I call it the turbo capital of the country. I think there are more Porsche Turbo’s in Miami than anywhere else I’ve been,” Walker says. “What’s great about DRT is you never know quite what you’re going to see and you’re going to see something new.”


Among the cars Walker is most excited to see is the Ichiban Boshi custom RWB build, which he took for a drive down to Key Biscayne, Fl. This build is truly something to behold. The proprietary mounting point of the turbo and waste-gates make for a gnarly display of power - Curtesy of Chris Carroll at Turbo Kraft. The vehicle also received the full EFI & AEM infinity treatment allowing it to reach near 600RWHP on pump gas while being stable enough to daily drive, the Ichiban Boshi has been regarded as the RWB par excellence by Porsche aficionados. With a 1989 Silver Anniversary Carrera as its foundation, the Ichiban Boshi sports Work Meister S1 three-piece wheels in addition to parts from Porsche’s 1973 Targa Florio RSR and the 1974 ‘Baby Turbo’ 2.1 liveries. To Walker, it’s nothing less than absolute thrill.


“[That car] kind of sums up everything that was great about Porsche and RWB; it looked good just standing still, but getting behind the wheel of that car is where it really comes alive,” Walker exudes. “It sounds awesome; it’s easy to drive; it makes gobs of power; it’s intoxicating... It’s sensory overload, it hits all the bases and it’s essentially everything that a Porsche should be.”


For as much as the different makes and possibilities of Porsche cars will always captivate Walker, ultimately – whether it’s in Mexico or Miami -- it’s the people who share in his passion that keep him coming back.


“It don’t matter what language you speak, we all speak Porsche, whether it’s English, German or Spanish,” Walker says. “It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, there’s passionate, car culture Porsche people who are willing to share stories and drives, and to me, that’s one of the greatest things about [doing what I do].”