DRT 18'

Photography Jenny Abrams 


Community comes together in odd ways. Whether it’s through a common heritage, music, or a shared passion, no one can really predict what will or won’t bond people together.


For four years now, DRT has served as the premiere gathering for Porsche fans and enthusiasts in South Florida. In less than half a decade, DRT has become the largest event for Porsche aficionados on the eastern seaboard, a testament to both Porsche’s quality and durability, as well as the passion of the people who make it all happen. Given this city’s well-known population of Porsche collectors and dealerships, there’s no better place to hold DRT than in Miami.


DRT’s growth couldn’t have come at a better time, with 2018 marking Porsche’s 70th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, DRT gathered over 450 Porsche cars, including an assortment of 935’s, twin turbo 962’s, and several 356’s. Several custom builds were on display, with the Yukinohana, Jaime, Senna, Ichiban-Boshi, Clermont, and more custom RWB’s being a particular highlight. In addition to craftsmanship, this year’s edition of DRT also celebrated the history of Porsche, with a number of historical rarities and curiosities you won’t find elsewhere. This includes the oldest known Porsche hillclimb racer in existence, a ’51 356, 1988 911 Clubsport (3 of the 27 cars in the US), Singer Reimagined 911s and 1973 RSR 2.8, original.


It’s important for any community to give back to the world in which it occupies. Here in South Florida, the City of South Miami and The Engineering For Kids Foundation’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education program is making it possible for future generations to not only enjoy the thrill of Porsches, but to be able to contribute to its rich heritage and legacy. No community exists in a vacuum, and DRT, along with our sponsors The Collection Porsche, Parkhaus1, Singer Vehicle Design, Chopard and others are thrilled to give back to the city that’s made much of our love possible. 


It might have been said best by this year’s special guest and world-renowned Porsche aficionado Magnus Walker in this year’s DRT magazine: “It don't matter what language you speak, we all speak Porsche, whether it's English, German or Spanish,” Walker says. “It doesn't matter where you go in the world, there's passionate, car culture Porsche people who are willing to share stories and drives.”



Magnus Walker