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Since its founding in 2014, Prism Creative Group has consistently been on the tips of Miami tastemaker’s tongues. It’s been all but impossible to miss their diverse and comprehensive work, whether it’s been their reimagining of empty lots into raucous party spaces or their advocacy for local Miami culture and movements.  “The common perception is that Prism is a PR and events agency, but what we really want this city to see us as is a mission-aligned community building agency,” says Isabella Acker, one of Prism’s foremost figures. According to Acker, Prism has been proud to play a role in spotlighting what Miami has to offer, operating with the goal of “cementing it as the city we all want to be proud to live in.”


Like many Miami creatives, Prism has made its home at MADE at the Citadel. Having resided there for the last two and a half years, Acker views MADE as a creative ally, a fellow in Prism’s fight to maximize Miami’s cultural visibility and vitality. In Acker’s words, MADE – in both its mission statement and its aesthetics – reflects what Prism itself is trying to achieve.


“We were looking for a place that felt like more than just a co-working space. We were drawn to the idea that MADE is at the heart of the emerging Little River neighborhood, surrounded by so much rich history and culture,” says Acker. “But on the inside, MADE has been and currently is home to so many of Miami’s most influential creative agencies and event production companies, so we’ve really been able to make our own community here so many of our neighbors have quickly become collaborators.” 


Community is important to Acker and others at Prism, as shown by recent efforts like The Listening Den, their new sit-down concert series showcasing singer-songwriters in intimate settings. Given their stated goal of fostering meaningful relationships through shared loves and passions, it’s no mistake that Prism has made a number of like-minded friends since joining MADE.



“OPS Events has become a great partner for big things around the city, DEFY has always had our back from the very first day we moved in, Vlrrd and LAF LIV LOV are great creatives and supporters,”   shares Acker. Among others, Acker also cited the likes of Reach Design and MRKT, who have previously helped Prism to realize their ambitious visions for Miami.


Prism’s MADE office has also played host to outside talents like Latin GRAMMY-nominated singer Raquel Sofia and Spanish multi-instrumentalist Javier Garcia. 


“About a year ago we had an impromptu jam session in our office with Sofia and Garcia,” Acker recalls. “Everyone had instruments, we even turned pencils and books into drum pads! It was magical and exactly what these spaces lend themselves to be!”


Given her personal passion and investment in Miami culture, Acker says she and Prism are thankful for the opportunities that working at MADE allows for.


“It’s definitely heightened our capacity for collaboration. Because we’re constantly juggling so many projects around the city, it makes everything more convenient when your designers, event coordinators, and fellow partners are just a hallway away.”


Photo Yesi Flores

Prism Creative Group

MADE at the Citadel