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Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker opens his garage door every morning to some of the coolest air-cooled 911’s ever produced in Porsche history ranging in year from 1964 to 1973. To those who know of Magnus Walker it’s hard to describe his long-standing, genuine passion for the Porsche crest. The speed, sound, and excitement found within the Porsche brand that is sometimes just absolutely magnetic is quite possibly at this point permanently engrained within the Walker mantra. It’s a passion that caught on early for Walker like it has for so many of us. Growing up as a kid most of us had either a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche or combination of all three hanging on the wall. For Walker it was always a Porsche.

As a 10 year old boy, visiting the London Earlscourt Motor Show in 1977 would forever become a defining moment for him. This is where he saw a white Martini Edition Porsche Turbo on exhibition. It is perhaps this car that could be described as the incubator for his immense passion for Porsche motorsport offerings. Walker has a rather unique blend of life pursuits that have not only given him the ability to own the models he’s come to collect but have also to a certain extent become part of his personal design ethos. This mixed blend of life experiences which influence his work has been described by many as this “Outlaw” style of restoration. But to us it makes perfect sense. When Walker began collecting, contrary to most his vision wasn’t really to emulate what the factory had done. The original car is precisely what it is because a designer already had a vision for the car that Porsche executed on to produce the machines we know and love today. Instead of cloning what others had done instead Walker prefers to add his own personality and personal style. What you’ll find as you admire the various air-cooled models in his collection that have received this “Outlaw” treatment are elements from different Porsches that he likes combining and feels work well together. Yet these modifications are always executed with the underlying premise of building a street-able track car.

To many this very idea of almost hot-rodding Porsches goes against the grain of being a passionate collector and is in their eyes an outlaw form of preserving the Porsche brand. However to Walker, owning Porsche’s isn’t just about preserving and restoring museum quality 911 models but also about fully exploring the Porsche driving experience of which the brand revolves so heavily around.

The 911 at its core is a sports car. It’s meant to be driven. Getting behind the wheel of any 911 adds an entirely separate dimension to the Porsche ownership experience. It is this combination of all-encompassing passion and individuality that really sets the tone for the models that end up in Walker’s collection.

As you admire Walker’s collection of Porsche 911’s and sports car variants of the Porsche brand you’ll begin noticing subtle cues of other aspects of his life being encapsulated within his restorations. Cues such as his long-time admiration of Americana, Captain America, Stars and Stripes, Evil Knievel, and the Dukes of Hazard all blended into one. A lot of his work both in fashion and on his restorations is multi-colored incorporating red, white, and blue. Much of this stemming from Walker’s success early within his endeavors in fashion. An endeavor which has unquestionably played a role within the personality of the automobiles in his collection and the style of his restorations.

Now in his second year attending Das Renn Treffen we spent some time talking to Walker about the event and getting his take on what makes DRT so special. He opened up the conversation by touting Miami as “the epicenter of all things Porsche Turbo”. In Walker’s perspective Miami’s got this rich blend of character, flair, style and personality that oftentimes goes un-matched anywhere else in the world. In his first year of attendance Walker was amazed by the quality of the cars and by the amount of passionate enthusiasts who were down here for Das Renn Treffen. He talks about Miami as being a little more flashy, a little more extravagant, super festive and outgoing, and having a wealth of personality.

And that personality makes its way into the event and really become part of the individualization of the cars that come out of the woodwork for the show. Walker says, “the cars are great but it’s the people that make the story, they are the character of the cars and the cars reflect their own personality.”

Walker mentions that it’s this connection between enthusiasts that is what’s so phenomenal about DRT.

“Being able to collaborate with fellow like-minded enthusiasts is one of the great things about the car community, it doesn’t matter where you travel around the world you always run into like-minded people and that is ultimately a great equalizer of the automobile. It brings people together that normally might not share the same passion, might not even be in the same room. So that’s the great thing about events like DRT.”

It’s through relationships built because of his passion for Porsche that he’s able to really enjoy the brand for what it is. Through these conjunctions he’s held with enthusiasts he’s been able to meet with people such as Cam Ingram of the Ingram Collection who will also be present at DRT 2017. Based out of Durham, North Carolina, the Ingram Collection is a massively extensive and very carefully curated selection of Porsche products and modern British art, with Cam Ingram at the forefront of the collection. It is through the friendships he’s made with people like Cam Ingram that he’s been able to really exploit all that Porsche has to offer and experience what he refers to as “O.P.P.” or “Cars that I like to call O.P.P., Other People’s Porsche’s”.

To Walker there’s something special about the Porsche brand. Something he describes as a sensory experience driving experience. From the ignition being on the left-hand side, the familiar door click, the smell of the interior, the tune of the exhaust. All of these things result in a sensory overload of sorts with sight, sound, and smell all attuned to the Porsche at hand. The cars have a lot of character and a lot of soul to them. It’s like stepping into a time capsule of motoring nirvana.

“It’s the people that are the common thread that connect the stories and the cars together.”

Walker continued to emphasize that what’s amazing about Das Renn Treffen is its ability to bring together these immensely passionate enthusiasts together and produce an environment where spectacular people get to experience spectacular cars while sharing their common bond that is the language of Porsche.