Coffee Hub

Coffee Hub

What do you get when you cross an avid cyclist, an unquenchable thirst for really good coffee, an entrepreneur’s mindset and calves of steel? Coffee Hub. Pedal powered, caffeine infused goodness in a two inch tall paper cup that hits the spot, every single time. The last thing we’d expect to see conjoined together would be a fully functioning bicycle and fully functioning espresso machine paired in harmony. And yet, here they are. Ready to serve our caffeine craving taste buds with human powered specialty coffee.

After traveling the world over competing with his road bicycle, Coffee Hub founder Edilson Cremonese really wanted to pair his love of cycling and his passion for coffee together yet couldn’t quite figure out how to make the two mesh. And then he stumbled upon Velo Presso, the manufacturer of the coffee tricycle. This let him fuse two of his passions together and launch one of the most innovative mobile businesses we’ve yet come across.

Edilson’s passion for coffee started around fifteen years ago as he was traveling all over the world to compete in adventure races. Regardless of where he traveled to –Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Brasil—he always seemed to end up in local coffee shops before the races started. And that’s where the Coffee Hub seed began to grow. What’s awesome about the conceptual phase of the company is that it eventually seeped into and grew roots into the very ethos and ideology of the brand.

With the help of some friends Edilson came up with the idea for the name Coffee Hub. The word “hub” has a very fitting double meaning that ties into the brand philosophy and is what really drove him to revolve the brand around it.

On the one hand a "hub" is a bicycle part, the central part of the wheel on which the spokes protrude from. However, a "hub" is also the center of an activity or network. Consequently, not only is the Coffee Hub tricycle the "hub" of where people would want to go for great coffee and a unique experience, but the tricycle can literally be packed up and taken to the "hub" of different cities and communities. The name couldn’t be more fitting.

There’s one word that describes the glue of what keeps this altogether: coffee. You can’t tie in a unique experience and the fusion of passions without the coffee. And there’s no slacking off in that department. As far as coffee goes, Australia and London have offered Edilson’s favorite tasting brews, but as far as people and culture go, no one can beat the Italians. Edilson really wanted to deliver premium quality coffee in an environment as enjoyable and friendly as what he experienced with the Italians. And he really does deliver on that commitment. Coffee Hub carries coffee beans from all over the world and the green coffee is roasted locally in downtown Fort Lauderdale by Argyle Coffee Roasters.

All-in-all, we love the Coffee Hub brand, concept, experience, and product.