ICA Miami hosts Helado Negro

Photography World Red Eye

Over the weekend, the Miami Design District became that much more integrated with the greater Miami arts scene.

The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) Miami opened its doors to over 300 Miamians on Saturday in order to celebrate the commencement of its new permanent location in the Design District. The NEXT Sculpture Garden Party was a fitting introduction to the new building and galleries, with attendees familiarizing themselves with both the works displayed in the Petra & Stephen Levin Sculpture Garden, as well as in the building’s interior.

In addition to the wide selection of hors d’oeurvres and complimentary beverages – courtesy of Ketel One --  gallery-goers were also treated to a musical performance from Helado Negro, the artistic nom de plume of Roberto Carlos Lange. Lange, who was born in South Florida and is signed to beloved musician Sufjan Stevens’ label Asthmatic Kitty, is no stranger to Miami art, having once collaborated with Pérez Art Museum Miami. Performing amongst a simple stage setup of multi-colored light bulbs, Lange’s lush electronic pop and soothing bi-lingual vocals proved to be an appropriate accompaniment to the ICA’s relaxed, welcoming space. On top of his proven musical ability, Lange’s art credentials were further solidified by the presence of his Tinsel Mammals, two shimmery, silver thread-adorned beings that accompany Helado Negro to every one of his shows.

Having now established a precedent, ICA has set the stage for more innovative, exciting events in the years to come.