Matthew Ryan Herget

Photography @_thisisseba

Beginning today, City Gazettes favorite MR Herget will have his work exhibited by the Los Angeles-based Mugello Callery at CONTEXT Art Miami. Since we last spoke to Herget, the self-taught, Miami-born artist has undergone a number of lifestyle changes, chief among them being his willingness to dig more deeply into himself for inspiration.


“I feel like a painting style is a development of what the artist’s style of living is on a regular basis,” Herget says. “The painting is just the outward manifestation of what’s going on within me.”


Three and half years ago, Herget moved from Miami to Los Angeles, a decision he describes as revelatory for both his craft and his life; seeing as the two are intertwined, it may have been of the best decisions Herget has ever made for himself.


“I started delving deep into shamanistic practices,” Herget confides. “And from there, developing my own kind of style of that.”


When he moved to California, Herget was fascinated by the culture surrounding psychedelics out west. Despite never experimenting with – much less being interested in – the likes of mushrooms or LSD while growing up in Florida, Herget was quickly taken by them, recognizing their potential as tools for meaningful insights and self-actualized living.


“To me it’s important to entertain curiosities, because they’re probably there for a reason,” Herget says. “All of a sudden it became this whole different avenue to explore; I had already been working with sensory deprivation tanks, isolation by myself, and meditation… but every few days I was exploring these avenues, working them out in my own life, and going to the studio with them.”


Besides inner journeys of the mind, the artist has made a concerted effort to journey outwards, taking advantage of the vast acreage and array of natural beauty California has to offer. Noting that he feels “the need to be a curator of experiences,” Herget has brought many of his friends out on quests – whether they be spiritual, physical, or sometimes both – out with him.


Herget has sublimated his recent revelations into his forthcoming new show, “In Pursuit of Beautiful Truths.” The series is a painted collection based on photographs he took while out on these aforementioned adventures. In both the paintings and the original photos, Herget looks to capture and channel a person in the midst of a life-changing experience. According to the artist, the central challenge of his new show was “to make make something that can hopefully touch someone that wasn’t even a part of the original experience.”


“I believe because it’s inherently within all of us – those moments, those feelings – I’m trying to tap into those and see how I can manifest it,” Herget says. “It’s very exciting; for me, it’s the most important show I’ve ever done.”