The Future of HOC Festival

photography @_thisisseba


There’s no denying that Miami is becoming, or has been gladly taking the role up, a growing landscape brimming with potential and creative talent. Art Basel, III Points, Miami Film Festival -- these are all things everyone should be proud to say are housed in our backyard. In other words, Miami is flourishing and the cultural gems just keep on coming.



Among the jewels unearthed in recent times to call our city its home is the House of Creatives Music Festival, a welcome respite from the head-banging trendiness that can be found all too often at other music festivals. At the end of the day, the people at HOC ensure your experience is so authentic and warm that, and here’s the plot twist, you spend your time focusing on the actual music--and what great music that is. In fact, that’s what they feel sets them apart from other music festivals--this idea that you can actually chill out and relax while enjoying your time around incredible artists without having the “see and be seen” kind of stress that usually arises in these kinds of settings. “The Miami market is young, fast growing, and still establishing its foundation,” said Eddy Perdomo, HOC and Mishu CEO. “We are bringing an experience to our fans that they haven't had a chance to feel before in Miami.”



This past year, the Mishu Music produced festival brought international headliners like alt-J and MGMT to the Virginia Key Beach Park stage and intermingled them with local acts for a supportive start to each of the two days. The historic beachside location was a perfect compliment to the festival and all it sought to achieve for locals and travelers alike. But while the palm trees, inviting sand, and local vendors played a perfect backdrop for the festival, the HOC team has their eyes set on the future and how to grow alongside Miami’s bursting creative scenes.



Taking notes and feedback from attendees, they are constantly looking to evolve, expand, and find new ways to bring in the community while exposing Miami to some of the world’s most vibrant and emerging acts and art. “We will not rest until we have built a state of the art festival that Miami expects and deserves” said Perdomo. “Attendees can expect a better, more immersive experience each year moving forward.” In order to keep on topping itself, the festival understands that it needs to become one with the community rather than force the community to change along with it--an approach all too new to Miami.



With its third year on the horizon, one can only be excited to see where the tide takes HOC and how the city will continue to welcome it with open arms. “This town is our lifeblood,” Perdomo said “and we are so humbled to be taking an active part in its creative development.” The great music and warm vibes will definitely return, but what else they might bring to the table will definitely be magical.