SVD X Williams: The Epitome of Porsche Restorations

Have you ever wondered what happens when you get the epitome of Porsche enthusiasts and engineers together to work on a restoration project?


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if they all got together and took it even one step further?


Singer Vehicle Design has the answer to all those questions with its newest study of chassis improvement and vehicle restoration, Dynamic Lightweighting Study.


In collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering, Porsche fanatic Scott Blattner, and the excellent drivers Mario Franchitti and Chris Harris, Singer Vehicle Design was able to commission the ultimate 964 restoration project.


A line up of Michelin, BBS motorsport, Brembo, Hewland, EXE-TC, and Formula One engine development team Williams, can only mean one thing: the best combination of geniuses since Apollo 11 to collaborate on any project.


What started as a request for lightweighting and performance enhancements from Porsche enthusiast and Singer client Scott Blattner, turned out to be one of the greatest combinations of the most powerful names in the automotive industry together.


Renowned Porsche collectors and valued Singer clients, Jan Koum and Mark Evenstad join Blattner as the first to commission these restorations within an all-new category of restoration services offered to clients known as Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS).


After countless amount of time researching ways to squeeze more power out of Porsche’s already excellent flat six motors, Williams was able to tune the engine in this more than “reborn” 964 to produce 500 horsepower.


In consultation with Porsche legend, Norbert Singer, Williams Advanced Engineering improved the aerodynamics of the car. By providing more aggressive aero bits around the body lines and revamping the underbody of the car, the 964 not only looks more aggressive, but also handles better. With the help of the aerodynamics improving downforce on the car and improved suspension telemetry, the Porsche 964 corners quicker and better than ever.


All modifications don’t end there.


As a part of DLS, weight reduction techniques of using lightweight materials helps bring the car’s weight down substantially. By using magnesium, titanium, and carbon fiber, the 500 horsepower Porsche now weighs 2180 pounds (990kgs)….let me say it again, 2180 pounds lighter than my E30 BMW, a Ford Fiesta, and the Mazda Miata. Wow.  


With the incredible power to weight ratio provided by the engineering of Williams and SVD, the 27 year old car now handles and performs better than cars that aren’t even out yet.


Using Michelin’s Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, BBS motorsport center-lock wheels, and Brembo carbon ceramic technology, this restored 911 becomes the ultimate track toy for the Porsche enthusiast that loves the classic designs of the old, but wants the performance of the new.


Automotive journalist and race driver, Chris Harris expressed his thoughts on the restoration program as a “once-in-a-lifetime project”. In addition to being surrounded by some of the best engineers in the automotive world Harris added “Rob, Maz and the team are visionaries in this space…Just thinking about the finished machine makes me grin”


Since Singer Vehicle Design is a company that specializes in Porsche restorations bespoke to its clients wishes, the cost behind the new project will vary. Depending on what each client believes best fits his or her needs, SVD will work closely to fit the owners’ specifications.


Start making phone calls if you want one though, because you’re going to have to be one of the very lucky few (75 in the world to be exact) to have access to the results of the relentless study known as “DLS”.


Singer Vehicle Design