MusicIsa Cueto

Altocamet performs tonight in Miami @ 1306

MusicIsa Cueto
Altocamet performs tonight in Miami @ 1306

CG: Where and how did you all meet?

A: We all met in Mar Del plata, the city where we all live. I [Mariana] met Canu in art school , and then Canu met Pedro through a friend, since then a bond that lasts over time was formed.

CG: How long ago did you start the band?

A: A little over 20 years ago

CG: How did you figure out and streamline your unique sound?

A: It’s a mix of experimentation and a constant search. We do pre production in our own studio and in the last few albums we worked with Graham Sutton from Bark Psychosis in post-production.

CG: Who/what inspires your music? Are there common themes?

A: We listen to a lot of bands, some of them are The Cure , My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins among others. The most common themes are love and our relationship with Mar del Plata, where we live. In a lyrical sense, we love the accursed poets (Les Poètes maudits) from the XIX century like Alejandra Pizarnik, Francisco Umbral, Jorge Luis Borges, Gustavo Alvarez Nuñez y Ricardo Cabral among others.

CG: If your music were an environment, what would it be like? Who would be there? What would be going on?

A: It would be an environment with different weathers, different colors, landscapes and moods, we would be reunited with our beloved ones and without a doubt we would be recording new songs.

CG: Have you had a favorite performance so far? What do you guys have in the works that you can tell us about?

A: We did two shows celebrating our 20 years, they were awesome because all the musicians that once were part of the band played that night. We are about to edit a live record with that show and we are going to mastered in NYC with Greg Calbi.

CG: What would be your ideal end goal with Altocamet?

A: We don’t have a limit, or the limit could be an intergalactic recognition, that our music influences beings from different planets!

CG: Why did you all decide to devote your time and energy to create music? What does music bring into the world? Why is it important?

A: We love music and we cannot live without it. It brings us a big satisfaction and fills our souls, it gives us that physical and psychological balance which is so important in the search of happiness.

Altocamet will be performing tonight, Saturday July 23rd at 1306 in Downtown Miami. Hosted by City Gazettes, Gummdrops, and Mishu. - RSVP here