MusicPola Bunster

A Candid Interview with Pompeya

MusicPola Bunster
A Candid Interview with Pompeya

CG: How did you become Pompeya?

D: From a jam back in 2006.

CG: What has evolved or changed in your music over that time?

D: A lot. We never put ourselves inside a box. Listening to some of our old demos from 2007, I can still see many interesting ideas. It’s funny to realize how we’ve been influenced by such a different variety of musicians and tried to imitate all of them in one band. I see "oh - here is Interpol meets Bloc Party! And here is Sparta meets  Snow Patrol..." Wasn't a funky time at all...

CG: Your colorful music drifts from disco to new wave and rock, what sounds or artists most inspire you?

D: To name a few: Peter Gabriel, Talk Talk, The Stranglers, Duran Duran, Fleetwood Mac, The Smiths, The Talking Heads, Tears For Fears, Prefub Sprout, Sadé, all the golds from Prince and Michael Jackson, all the golds from the 80s, the funk and disco era from the 70s, Motown era, punk rock and post punk...

CG: Coming from Russia, how has your home country worked its way into your music?

D: I don't really know. Maybe isolation was a good thing to absorb the best musical influences...

CG: How does it feel to sing in English? Does it affect your writing style in any way?

D: No. It feels good and always exciting to work on lyrics and practice the language in that way too.

CG: It was amazing to see you on KCRW and at SXSW, what have been some highlights of your career so far? Any fun stories?

D: Too many to tell!

CG: What places or cultures most inspire you creatively?

D: Travelling inspires, no matter where we are. LA is pretty inspiring.. In May we’re going to perform and make a lot of music in Miami... We’re always ready to grab the instruments and make something.

CG: You guys have performed in Miami a few times before, what do you think about this city?

D: It's very hot.  

CG: What can we expect from Pompeya this year?

D: Some new videos from the Real LP very soon and a new EP!


© Photos by Andrey Natotsinsky