Malaquita Design

Malaquita Design

Malaquita is Spanish for Malachite, a magical stone of abundance and transformation.

In 2013, a field study on Mexican communities organized by the Procom Foundation revealed that artists were abandoning their work in search of more profitable endeavors. Malaquita Design embraced the transformative power of the precious stone and generated a platform that markets traditional Mexican artisans to the contemporary world at large.

Creating awareness for humanity and ritual practices is the core drive behind Malaquita’s mission to promote and honor handcrafted goods. Their quest has led to collaborations between Mexican designers and craftsmen alike who dedicate their lives to conserving traditional techniques. The brick and mortar space in Miami’s Wynwood Art District boasts a curated collection of home decor, furniture, and fashion for both men and women.

We have taken the time to learn about the narrative history behind every piece; within these narratives lie details about the mythical and spiritual beliefs that helped preserve many cultural conventions of Mexican art. Above all, we hope to spread humanitarian energy and instill deep appreciation for our unique collection.

Every piece takes a unique journey, which finishes at the headquarters in Miami’s Wynwood Block on NW 2 Avenue and 26 Street. The environment in the Malaquita Design store intended for exploration and is your portal to the esteemed craftsmanship of traditional Mexican art.