A local paper for the refined urbanite.

Why partner with City Gazettes?

City Gazettes produces fresh, ultra-captivating content which we bring to life by meeting and engaging with our readers face-to-face. We elevate brands by surrounding them with like-minded products and relevant content presenting them to a highly refined and targeted audience thirsty for what we have to offer. Being an advertising partner with City Gazettes isn't just about providing exposure, it's about providing an experience.



City Gazettes caters to an audience of refined urbanites who enjoy the leisure opportunities and luxuries the communities we serve have to offer. Our readers are 52% Female, 48% Male and vary in age from 18 to 75 years old.


City Gazettes is distributed monthly directly to where our audience dines, shops and lives. With a passalong rate, CG reaches over 200,000 readers in print annually.

Physical Attributes

City Gazettes is a 36 page, full color book bound publication printed like a magazine on old fashioned newsprint. A modern twist to classic reading.

Placement Options

2 Page Inside Front. 2 Page Inside Back. 2 Page Spread. Back Cover. Full Page. Half Page Vertical. Half Page Horizontal.

Production Requirements

All approved artwork must be received three weeks before desired production run. Full page dimensions are 10" (w) x 11" (h), half page dimensions are 10" x 5.5"

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